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To Protect Your Future And Build Generational Wealth Today!

Making the best financial decisions for you and your family comes from understanding where you are today and what your future wealth goals are. Together we will help you build out a path So you Can crush those goals, by letting time and the power of compounding do the hard work for you. It's time to implement the secret strategies of the wealthy and put them to work for you!


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Work Directly With Me and my team

My team and I have helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Top Level Executives; start and grow their investment portfolio. We specialize in helping these high-level individuals leverage the power of compounding to create exponential protected wealth. We help them compound their money, while creating future TAX FREE cash flow.


The first step to reaching your financial goals is knowing your starting point. 

Inside your personal "Freedom Game-Plan", we will start by quickly revealing the secrets of the wealthy, and educating you on how to leverage them to your advantage.

Then, we will work closely with you over a 1-1 Zoom call, designed to help you evaluate where you are right now and what your future financial goals are. Together, we will discuss and implement the best wealth strategies to get you where you want to be, as fast as possible.

Finally, we'll take a deep-dive through the 'Final Four' of financial decision making: Protection, Access, Rate of Return, and Taxes. 

The "Freedom Game-Plan, is a 1-1 call, coupled with our 'Wealth Secrets' course, designed to unlock the exponential growth potential of your money.

You will now be armed with the same tools that multi-millionaires are using to grow and protect their wealth.

Inside your personal Freedom Game-Plan, we will give you an in-depth look at where you are at right now, then map a step-by-step path with the RIGHT investments that can get you to your financial goals as fast as possible!

Here’s What Happens When You Order

Step 1

We’ll send an email with a link to our intake form. This form gives us the general background information we need for our team to start putting together your Freedom Game Plan.

Step 2

Once you complete the form, you will receive access to our Wealth Secrets Mastery course. This short but powerful video course unlock the strategies of the wealthy and help you get the most out of your call.

Step 3

Upon completing the course, you will receive a booking link where you can schedule your 1-1 Zoom Freedom Game-Plan Call.

*Remember, time is your greatest asset!

Take your FINANCIAL FUTURE to the next level

Dear Future Millionaire,

If you are here, chances are you're a business owner or high-level corporate employee who understands the importance of growing and protecting your wealth.

You’ve likely also talked to financial advisors in the past and contemplated different investment strategies, but never felt sure if you were making the best financial decision for you and your family, or if they were just recommending the products their companies told them to sell.

I’ve been there. Almost a decade ago I was a financial advisor at one of those companies. I managed over $5MM in assets but I was forced to follow the company's path, even though I knew there were better options out there.

So, 5 years ago, I LEFT! 

I saw what the wealthiest people we're doing with their money and I began to understand that I could leverage the same strategies myself.  As a former NFL player, I saw so many guys getting big checks but ending up broke a few years later, and I refused to become a part of that statistic!

I made so many mistakes along the way that could’ve been avoided if I had someone to help me, so once I understood how to make my money work FOR me, I knew I wanted to help others do the same.

That’s why I created The Freedom Game-Plan!

Time is the greatest asset when it comes to building wealth. If you have time, even a small investment can make a massive difference, but the longer you wait, the more it will cost you to generate the same money. Every day you wait is another day you are literally costing future you money. Let us guide you like we have so many others.

My team and I are looking forward to meeting you!

~ Paul Vassallo

Our Process


The first thing we will do is get a solid understanding of where you are at financially right now and what your future financial goals are, through an assessment. We’ll figure out exactly where you need help, what’s holding you back, and what’s broken.


Inside "Wealth Secrets Mastery", you'll watch short but powerful educational videos, designed to unlock the secrets of the wealthy so you can leverage them too.

These systems, when used correctly, allow you to compound your money over time while creating tax free money you can access when you need it.


Now it's time for your 1 on 1 Zoom call. This is why your Freedom Game-plan will come to life. Together we will discuss the best path for to grow and protect your wealth based on your personal financial goals, and we will get it implemented!

When it comes to growing your money, time is your most valuable asset. This system is designed to not only plan a strategy for your future but actually get it implemented so you can leverage all the time possible.

Who We Work With

My team and I love helping people who are driven, successful, fun to work with, committed to bettering their future, and are ready to take action now to achieve their desired outcome.

You are likely a good fit if:

You’re committed to your financial future. Working with our team requires a small investment, but that cost is pennies compared to the years of compound interest we will show how to take advantage of. We are committed to putting your money to work for you, building you tax free wealth when you need it, getting you a fantastic ROI. But you must be committed as well.

You’re coachable. There is a reason that there is such a big gap between the middle class and the wealthy. Following typically financial advice is not going to get you where you want to be. We’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, and high-level executives and helped them leverage their financial Asset Locker to create future tax free income for life. We have refined our process over many years and working with thousands of clients. The Financial Game-Plan works, but only if you stick to the plan.

You have ethics. Our philosophy is and will always be about putting our client's best interest first. We love helping our clients grow and protect their wealth but there is no 'get rich quick' here, and we don’t help people that are constantly looking for “the next best thing”. The best way for you to grow and protect your wealth now and long into the future, is to follow your Freedom Game-Plan, build your financial 'Asset Locker', and then leverage that tax free income to redeploy into cash-flowing assets.

Just $97 FREE right now!

Paul this letter of "THANK YOU" is long overdue and I apologize for the delay.

If it wasn't for your help, your professional insight and kind patience I would not have been protected from the previous insurance company that my husband and I were covered under.

I cannot thank you enough for helping me in getting the long overdue funeral funds from the insurance company due to my husband's Covid-19 death in November 2021.

And you did not stop there....I am now covered under Mutual of Omaha with much better coverage at the same cost.

Paul Vassallo, you are truly the BEST!

~ Berta H.

The TRUTH About Financial Freedom May Shock You!

Paul Vassallo

Founder: Net More Wealth

Hi, I’m Paul Vassallo. Glad to meet you!

I’m a former U of A and NFL player, turned business owner. I’ve been in the financial space for close to a decade, helping people achieve their future financial goals. After leaving professional football, I realized that if my wife and I were going to live the life of our dreams, we had to get smart about how we invested and grew our money.

I learned what wealthy people do with their money to grow it and access it tax free, and how I could use the same strategies myself.

The most important factor in hitting your financial goals has NOTHING to do with how much you save.

I know it sounds crazy. After all, for as long as we can remember, we’ve been told to save as much of our income as possible for retirement.

While saving is important, it’s not everything. And saving your money in the right place, can literally be the difference between wealthy and broke later in life.

The most important aspect of wealth building is understanding the Final Four Wealth Formula, and how to use it in every financial decision you make.

Basically, the Final Four Wealth Formula is a way of ensuring you make - and keep - the most money you can by measuring all investments through four key filters.

The Four Key Filters Are...


Does this keep my money safe?


Can I get to my money when/if I need it?


Does it generate the highest possible rate of return?


Does this reduce my taxes to the legal minimum?

These four filters are the same ones multi-millionaires use to measure their investments so they can build tax free wealth and achieve their goals.

The best part is, they’re not only for the wealthy. You can use them to help reach your financial goals too, and the personal Financial Game-Plan was designed to help you do that.

The personal Financial Game-Plan  Gives

You An Exact Path To Follow!

Just $97 FREE right now!

BONUS: BEGIN YOUR "FINANCIAL GAME-PLAN" NOW and get my entire Wealth secrets mastery Course (regularly sold for $497) FREE!

The Personal "Freedom Game-PlaN" Reveals How To:

  • Achieve Financial Freedom: Together we will walk through the 'Final Four' so that you become a confident decision maker with your financial investments
  • Find Big Tax Savings: As a business owner or real estate investor, the tax code is actually designed to help you KEEP a lot more of your money. You just have to know what you can deduct. We'll run you through some of the biggest/ best deductions you can review with your CPA
  • Passive Cash-flow Planning: Having assets that generate income is one of the best ways to protect and grow your financial future. This means having enough money saved and invested to allow you to stop working and enjoy a high quality of life
  • ​Invest Like the Wealthy: Investing wisely is one of the most effective, tax-advantageous ways to grow earnings while reducing risk. 
  • ​Build an ​Emergency Fund: Avoid being caught unprepared, no matter what circumstances arise.
  • ​Retirement Plan: Making the right investments today can guarantee that you will have TAX FREE income later in life, when you are no longer working
  • ​​Build An Asset Locker - The Exponential Growth Effect: This is the secret sauce the wealthy use to store their money, grow it tax free, and leverage it for exponential future income
  • ​Protect ​Generational Wealth: Keep your assets out of probate and pass it on to the next generation so it will continue to increase in value even after you are gone. This gives you the peace of mind knowing your children will be taken care of even after you are gone.


$97 FREE


  • Passive Cash-Flow Planning
  • Build An Asset Locker
  • 360 Degree View Of Where You Are Now
  • Compound Cash Plan

BONUS: BEGIN YOUR "FINANCIAL GAME-PLAN" NOW and get my entire Wealth secrets mastery Course (regularly sold for $497)


Got Questions? I Have Answers!

Why should I learn from you, Paul?

After seeing my teammates receive big paychecks only to end up broke and in debt just a few years after leaving the NFL, I wanted to learn why some people can start with nothing and end up very wealthy, while others could be given so much wealth but end up broke.

Over 10 years ago I got started as a financial advisor but soon realized that too many companies were pushing their agendas and not necessarily what was best for the client. So I left that behind and started my own company where we could focus on educating our clients about the principles of wealth.

Now I help a wide range of clients from NFL plays to small business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs; follow the same principles of the wealthy so that they can create and protect their wealth.

What is the Financial Game-Plan and how does it work?

The personal Financial Game-Plan is designed to bring you the clarity and certainty you need so you can make the best financial decisions that will generate wealth. Here’s how it works:

First, you’ll fill out our financial evaluation form. This gives my team and I all the information we need to take the next step.

Second, we evaluate your current financial situation. It’s hard to get where you need to go if you don’t even know where you are.

Third, we determine the fastest, most direct route to financial freedom based on your unique situation.

Finally, we get on a 1-1 Zoom call together where we deliver an exact roadmap of the next-step financial decisions needed to accelerate your wealth building and get you on the path to financial freedom, and help you implement it. 

Why is this $97? Some groups offer free evaluations.

We believe that the best way to get results is using a plan that’s personalized for the individual and their situation. When it comes to your finances, there is no 'one size fits all'. In fact, following blanket financial advice is why most people never get out of the rat race.

The personal Financial Game-Plan isn’t just a high-level, generalized report. We personally take the time to go over each individual financial situation and provide a personalized analysis based on your unique situation. This is combined with quick but valuable financial education so that you can feel confident about the financial decisions you make now and in the future. Then we personally work with you on a 1-1 call to review and implement your Game-Plan. We won't just hand you some report and hope you can figure out how to do it on your own.

Working with you personally means we only have time to do so many of these per day. This Game-Plan is in high demand, and spaces are limited.

What can the personal Freedom Game-Plan do for me?

The truth is, every day that goes by is another day closer to the future and one less day you have to get your money working for you. Not knowing how you’re going to get from where you are financially to where you want to be is tough. You’re not looking for another throwaway PDF or folder full of papers, or droning education series designed to confuse you even more. You want something you can start putting into action now!

We’ve got good news - we’re always here to help! I can’t tell you all the amazing results we’ve gotten for business owners, entrepreneurs, and others who desire financial freedom. The personal Freedom Game-Plan is the first step to a clear path forward.

Our clients say they love never having to fear they’ll lose their money or not having access to it if they need it. They’re able to escape the overwhelm of trying to figure out the right investments to make because it’s right there in their personalized plan.

BONUS: BEGIN YOUR "FINANCIAL GAME-PLAN" NOW and get my entire Wealth secrets mastery Course (regularly sold for $497)


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